Friday, October 30, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Think Pink!

It’s been Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and these lovely ladies have joined in with me to promote the campaign by posting pink pictures and information on their blogs.

I’m offering a virtual flower from my garden to each one

DSCF1509Laura from Ciao Amalfi gave us a whirlwind tour of the towns of the Amalfi Coast and amongst the rainbow of colours, she found pink in the most unexpected places! She stresses the importance of early detection with facts from The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

DSCF1521 Sue from The Pownall Chronicles had a great line up of women photographs from her travels and facts from The Pink Ribbon Foundation.

DSCF1486Anne in Oxfordshire shows us her feminine side with pretty pink objects from her dresser. Many of her friends took part in Breast Cancer walks in Paris too.

DSCF1478 It was cyclamen season with Pat from Sicily. In Sicily Scene, she stressed the importance of not ignoring lumps however tiny and that men are also subject to Breast Cancer. Thank you for putting up the link to LILT, the Italian Tumor Foundation too.

DSCF1500Darling Fifi from Fifi Flowers Design Decor has used her talents to help the campaign, by donating 10 percent of sales of her zany French pink painting collection to Breast Cancer research.

2003_0101Image0002 Michelle from Bleeding Espresso supported the campaign with jewelry and pink coffee machines. She had links to important information from the Breast Cancer.Org and simply suggested that we don’t forget about being vigilant but have Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer in our minds all year long!

I think that that’s a very good point to end on!

Thank you so much girls!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Think Pink!

The tags on blogs have been tinged with colour lately.  Laura from Ciao Amalfi saw red, and Anne from Oxfordshire, and Rowena from Rubber Slippers, to name a few, have both posted with blue objects from their houses .

That gave me an idea. Many of you will be aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I thought I might see things through Rose Coloured glasses with hope for a cure and post some pink things from my life in Positano.


I don’t want to rock anyone’s boat, but Breast Cancer affects us all.

I’m certain that everyone knows a person who has been touched by the illness.



Show your solidarity for these people.

Go on walks, post Pink, wear pink, give to research or simply hug a survivor.


Check, check check your breasts every month after your period.  It is treatable if you get it early. Get any change, however small, checked by your doctor.


Have a mammography or ultrasound every 2 years.


Post your Rose Coloured Photos this month and let me know. I will do a post on October 30th linking you all together in solidarity for the victims, the sufferers and the survivors. 


Think Pink! And remember that the 15th of October is Breast Health Day.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tails from Positano


I often switch terraces to compare views, to take a stroll while waiting for the pasta pot to boil or simply to spy on my kids on the beach. Sometimes I even feel like waxing lyrical about the poetry of the Positano coast streaming before my eyes.

But every time, before I make myself comfortable on the low wall, I take a peek over its ledge to its rocky side to ascertain that I am the only visible presence in nature at that moment, and then up above my head to check that I’ve not suddenly become part of someone else’s view.

A rustle in the grape vines to my side doesn’t alarm me too much as lizards are a dime a dozen in these parts.

A light thump likewise doesn’t attract my attention.

I catch the movement of a lizard in the corner of my eye.

It seems to have a twig protruding from it.


But this little creature was wearing a second tail on top of it’s first.


A bit like a flagpole mast on the back of a bike.

It quite unabashedly sunned itself until a movement from my dog caused it to launch itself back among the grape vine leaves.

Of course the first thing an Italian local said when I showed them the photo was ‘Porta Fortuna!’ Sure, along with dog and bird droppings. Good Luck indeed.

PS. Did you notice the ET. toes?