Sunday, June 06, 2010

Contest Winners…

CONGRATULATIONS to the random generated number winners…


   (drum roll…) 


who won  Susan Van Allen’s ‘100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go’ book.

Please email me so that I can get your address! I’m sure that you’ll love it.

The runners up were:

Leanne in Italy who wins Travelers' Tales Italy- True Stories of Life on the Road  

Leanne incidentally, from Australia to Italy Blog just offered me an award -my ten favourite things on the Amalfi coast are coming up!

Breetsuts who wins Travelers' Tales Tuscany- True Stories   

She a talented photographer. Just look at her pretty blog!

Cathy who wins 30 Days in Italy- True Stories of Escape to the Good Life       

Cathy, another expat Australian in Italy has her  musings on life on the Chocolate Brick.


Thank you to all who participated and to all your generous comments. I really appreciate the feedback!