Monday, August 01, 2011

Positano – Playground of the rich

A plethora of yachts dots the harbour these days. The uncertain weather, the threat of rain and  consequential cold water hinders no one intent on enjoying a privileged holiday on luxury boats which look like they came straight out of the harbour of Monte Carlo.


Locals proudly bandy names of visiting famous people around taking personal pride in the beauty of the coastline as if it were they who directed God`s hand in its creation. I just wish it had remained the town that it was in the sixties and sit smugly in the quieter part of the village avoiding the crowds in the central beach part as far as possible.


But on Wednesday, while I was smugly ‘just sitting’, I witnessed the mounting of a fun slide to beat all water slides.


And it came of the side of a large yacht.


P1040883 Immediately all the canoes for hire on Fornillo beach were paddled in its direction for a closer peek and the yacht was surrounded by red and yellow plastic kayaks with hopeful (maybe they`ll invite us too) locals.


The guests on the yacht intent on enjoying themselves to a maximum didn`t stop at the splash into the silky blue waters but also had a large ‘biscuit’ float with which they were pulled by a speed boat.


It`s times like these, I thought, that I´d happily exchange the sitting smugly for a  good zoom lens on my camera and even better, wealthy friends in the right places.