Thursday, June 25, 2009

Virtually there.

More, more, more. 

We are certainly being spoilt for choice here as three new webcams have been set up in Positano. Take your pick of the hour to watch and enjoy splendid photos of the town in sunset and sunrise.


Perched high above in Liparlati (meaning ‘once spoken of ’), one can almost take in the scenery as you would from the town’s gorgeous cemetery which reflects the architectural layout of the town.




The next camera is placed on the  Buca di Bacco on the main beach, but facing towards Praiano and L’Incanto Beach.



 Ripresa delle ore 14:00


And then we are back to the dock area again from yet a different angle, spanning the two towers towards Fornillo Beach.

Ripresa delle ore 07:00


sometimes these images change…

So with this, I’ll leave you my friends, as my holiday means sporadic internet at best. I’ll try to post occasionally if I can manage to have it installed at my place. Otherwise we’ll see you in September.

Have a great summer!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock Solid

I swayed in my seat as the taxi swung round the tight bend. Sea view to my right, I could pick out the large pointed cliff in the twinkling sea below.

“There’s the Germano” I pointed out to my son. “You know, the one that looks like a pharaoh.”

                                              Faccia Lei 1 - Il Faraone

                                                                    Photo Credit: Francesco Fusco ‘Focus’

“ A pharaoh?”, my cute Sorrentine driver exclaimed, “in our parts, they are inclined to say that it’s a profile of Toto`”.

I’d never thought of the rock in this way. My favorite Neapolitan comic actor had had his profile sculpted by nature.  He’d even starred in a film called ‘Toto` and Cleopatra’.

And now gulls roosted on his nose.



“There are others” he said, as I desperately tried to remember the code for turning on my Italian cell phone.

“Yes ?”

I gave up and told my son to ring to say we were arriving.

“I Galli islands, seen from a certain angle coming out of Positano, looks something like a mermaid lying in the water, he replied.

I Galli, which are in fact three small islands just off the Positano Coast, are known locally as ‘Le Sirene’ or ‘the Sirens’ playing on the myth of Ulysses in the area.


In fact, seen like this you can imagine why they got their name. They almost have a feminine profile.





Closer to home, we have this man guarding the seas with the tower above.



And these two local blokes on the cliff nearby…


Can you see what I see?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I’m terrible with awards….

I was given two blog awards some weeks ago from my blogger friends, but have let time slip by before passing them on.

Lola from Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award.  Do go visit her.  She has a wealth of wisdom , witty information and real Italian recipes, and sometimes posts about Positano.


For this award I have to list my seven loves:

1. I love my family.

2. I love to garden. I love my garden.

3. I love to walk on sandy beaches barefoot for hours. A bit of a problem here in Positano.

4. I love early summer mornings in Positano with its sweet soft light and lake-like sea.

5. I love reading. I read *all * the time. Even in the bath.

6. I love storms at Positano, especially at night with the rain pelting down on the domed ceilings and the waves crashing on the shore. A great time for reading in bed (or in the bath).

7. I love to run my hand through the water when we are in a boat.

I’d like to pass this award on to Elra’s Garden blog as she has created a garden of Eden and is deservedly an artist.

And this is for Lola and those of you who share the love of waves crashing on the shore. I took it from our place at Easter.

Honest Scrap Award

Another award was given to me by Ciao Chow Linda back in April, and I guarantee that if you click on this link you will want to lick the screen. Her recipes are mouthwatering.

I’m mean’t to list another ten things about myself, but you don’t have to read them.

1. Put a mozzarella in the fridge in Campania and your husband will have grounds for divorce (MEA CULPA).

2. Cherry tomatoes (piennoli) taste better in sauces after they’ve hung for several months under the eaves.

3. I like to string hot peppers together and plait my onions. No reason why vegetables shouldn’t be decorative before they are eaten.

4. I have a BIG problem with ants in summer at Positano. They come out of every crack imaginable and in a house as old as ours there are a lot. And mostly behind the kitchen cabinets. But I’m not the only one in town.

5. Sometimes I walk down the 350 steep steps to the beach just to have an iced tea with lemon granita at the bar. Then up again.

6. Figs warm from the tree are delicious for breakfast. Just ask my waist.

7. When I go out to eat, I like to order things that I don’t know how to prepare at home. It doesn’t leave much choice at Italian restaurants.

8. I’m beginning to run out of things. I found a lizard in my garlic basket once. He was watching me wash the dishes.

9. A gecko has taken up residence behind a large painting in our living room. We’ve thrown him out several time but he likes it there.

10. My husband likes to cook. He cleans and cooks the fish, which is a relief.

I’ll pass this reward on to:

Anne of Oxfordshire, a friend who surprised me with a beautiful enlargement of her strawberry flower;

Aglio,Olio e Peperoncino;

a hazy moon from Australia;

Ciao Amalfi

Italy Tutto for her great work in grouping all Italian related sites together. You will find any blog that you are looking for here.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Scum Bags


Ecostiera published an alarming article showing a video of untreated sewerage being poured directly into the water adjacent to the Marina Grande at Sorrento.  So far in thirty days there have been ten official complaints from ecological movements as it seems to be an occurance which dates from the end of April .

Locals reported large bands of malodorous scum floating along the water’s edge. It’s not a new phenomenon to the area, but the usual response of those who give ‘the tides’ the blame, according to the ecological authorities, just doesn’t hold in 90% of the cases. This is not the only case where the sewerage plants don’t function correctly on the Sorrentine Peninsula.  There have been complaints in at least seven other fractions of Sorrento all along the Coast.

The Blue Flag attributed to Positano’s waters year after year for cleanliness becomes farcical on the days where scum and rubbish float together as one.  I cannot understand why they are awarded the flag, when EVERY year  the water is like this!   Come June/July  and there may be weeks where you can’t put a toe in the water.  This is what I saw last year.   And Sorrento is just around the corner.

To see a video on the reality of Italy doesn’t reassure me for this summer.