Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday In Positano


It is early morning. The rustle of sheets gently nudges me out of my dream. But it is only the swell of sea breathing softly against the shoreline.


As always I wake from one dream to another.

I look towards Fornillo Beach and have to make the decision of whether to go for an early swim in the transparent waters and brave the climb of steep stairs returning at 11.00 or climb the mountain in the other direction to buy food and stop at the Bar Internazionale for a coffee and chat.




Rather than sit on the beach all day in the hot sun, I prefer to stay at home and watch the others swim from the shade of my terrace.


But today it is Sunday.

I have ironing to do in preparation for a week’s holiday in Ischia to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary.


But with this view from my window and Ingrid Michaelson singing in the background, that’s not such a bad thing…

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Buona domenica to you all!