Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Steps of Positano.

I just had to share this: Italy Vacation are having a contest where the winner has to guess the number of steps in Positano!


Has anyone ever counted all of them? It’s like asking how many stars are there in the sky!

I know the number of steps going from the Grotta to the Fornillo Beach (too many especially uphill at midday); from Via Trara Genoino  (La Scalinatella) to the main beach; from Nocelle in the mountain to Positano and we are well over three thousand but I've never bothered to count all the steps in town.

There must be thousands and thousands.

The winner of the contest will receive a gift of USD $500 to be applied toward your next Homebase Abroad trip to the Coast.

So start estimating the climb over town and submit your answers.

Say I sent you. It won’t help you win, but I can count steps in case of a dispute. May take me a few years though.

For my part I’m going to start contacting all the people named Pasquale and Assunta that I know in town to weasel the answer from them. I will expect them soon at my place, counting stairs right to the very bottom…