Thursday, May 29, 2008

Criticize Not, Want Not

As a new blogger in town, I am still timid about what I publish. For heaven's sake, I still haven't learn't how to use it yet. (Does anyone know how to insert links in the text?) My views are only mine and although I don't want to harm anyone, I do like to voice my opinion about the way things stand in town. There would be no point in my having this blog if I wanted to be just another blurb, only advertising the town's merits and beauties and ignoring the everyday frustrations faced by it's citizens.
It seems that freedom of expression on the Internet is being censored again as was discussed by Niki a year or so ago.
Today Positano News published a letter by the Mayor of Positano, who threatened to sue if they didn't remove what he said to be a defamatory remark left by an anonymous commentator on the site. The comment was frankly ambivalent as it didn't mention any names at all. Angelica in her Italian blog was of the same opinion
I just wonder how long I'll be left standing. I don't intend to lick any feet.


'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Hi 'new blogger in town', it looks like your blog is off to a great start. I love reading about Positano life in Niki's posts now I will look forward to hearing a different slant. Things in Pos seem to get very heated , we are much more laid back here in the wilds of Umbria.

Rosa said...

Welcome 'A Tuscan view'
Thank you for being my first visitor ! Yes, it does get heated here. I didn't choose my user name without a reason ;)

nikinpos said...

Hello you! If you want to add a link click on the little globe with chaains around it next to the one you click to add a photo. THen in the box that appears type the link address. Thats it...if you want any more help call me!
I'm glad you're jumping on the blog bandwagon!

Jill said...

I look forward to reading so much more from you and your area!

You might have figured it out by now, but where you write your posts under "edit posts" there is an icon that looks like a world with two parentheses around it. Just highlight the word you would like a link to be attached, and a page will pop up for you to insert the link. Nice and easy!

Rosa said...

Thank you Nicki and Jilli for the suggestions. I waste more time fiddling with the post rather than writing it!