Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Positano. My Valentine.


Thank you

for a lifetime of seduction, of  shy morning’s soft light, waves whispering between pebbles rolling gently on the shore.

Thank you

for the ancient houses unheated, their walls seeped in history, wood fire’s smoke and crackle on cool nights.

Thank you

for the Rose’s bloom throughout winter, the bougainvillea dashing colour along the walls, the first blossoms of Spring intrepidly opening well before it’s season.


Thank you

for the mountain peak’s meandering paths dotted with crocus and sweet blue rosemary,


Thank you

for the possibility of walking the streets, the beaches, the paths crowd-less in the season tourists avoid.

Thank you

for the quirkiness behind every corner, the shabby places hidden from the foreigners but which I recognize as the real you.


Winter in Positano, will you be my Valentine?


(All photos were taken on the 6th of February 2011)



Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I cannot believe these photos are in February .. how wonderful. Beautiful place and beautiful photos.

I thought you were going to be romantic to your husband .. ha ha .. ♥♥

Chef Chuck said...

Simply Beautiful!!

Annika said...

Goosebumps and chills. What a beautiful, wonderful, loving post.

Laura said...

Absolutely beautiful words and photos! I love this time of year on the Amalfi Coast - the color of the evening sky, the first hints of the bright spring hues to come, the incredible blues of the sea - it's a magnificent and peaceful time of year. Thank you for sharing your Valentine!

nikinpos said...

You're here! Can I come visit?

Paola said...

Yes, you're here?

Rosa said...

@charlie @Paola Was there. Will be again Sunday...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...


Saretta said...

Beautiful text and photos! Thank you!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Ohhhh I'm so (home)sick for Positano! I love the winter on the Costiera, so romantic... the light! The light is unbelievable. And you've captured it beautifully in your photos and touching love letter.

Ciao bellezza,
E xx

Cathi said...

So completely gorgeous! :) xxoo

Completely Coastal said...

A beautiful ode to a beautiful place!!

LindyLouMac said...

Positano, Simply beautiful, not sure why I am so late getting here!

Tuula said...

What an amazingly beautiful part of the world - I can't wait to go back! Thank you for sharing & hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Cobalt Violet said...

Oh my ... I feel so blessed for the brief 4 days I spent there last year but ... now I want to go back! Beautiful.