Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Not just Santa comes down our Chimney in Positano!

It was early in the morning. As I heaved myself onto the white domed roof, a cat scuffled with the dog next door, letting out a menacing yowl. I walked across the roof edging cautiously to the border, afraid that the sight of the sudden drop would make me dizzy.
I took the photo that I was after and made my way back.

A scrabbling noise funneled up from one of the chimney openings. Stopping to listen, I imagined that it must be a large lizard that had lost it's grip as it was silent again.

Later, at lunch time, as I opened a can of tuna in the kitchen ( I had not been to do the shopping yet) , a plaintive cry came from a room in the distance. Again, it seemed to be the sound of a cat. I opened the door to the living room and was just in time to see two grey legs and a tail shoot into the fireplace and disappear up the chimney.

Remembering the episode on my return from last summer's holiday, when I found the window edging gnawed and a dead squirrel under a blanket on the sofa in our living room in Luxembourg, I decided to take no chances and left the door wide open for the cat to exit into the garden.

An hour passed and there was no sign of the cat. I took a broom into the opening of the fireplace and pushed it into the deep ledge inside. "Hiss, hiss , spit." It was definitely still there and I couldn't brush it out.

I tried coaxing this time, leaving the empty tuna can in the fireplace. It came down while I was out of the room but shot in again to hide itself when it saw me. A trail of pasta dipped in tuna oil leading to the garden did the trick, so as soon as the kitten was safely outside I closed the door.

Meowing pitifully, the kitten called its mother, terrified that I would hurt it. It finally left our gardens jumping down off a wall into the property below.


angelica said...

ho scoperto adesso il tuo blog!molto molto molto bello!complimenti,ti metto il link anche da me!

Unknown said...

aaahhh...that just tears at my heart strings. so adorable

Anonymous said...

Grazie per la cortese visita.

Ha ragione Angelica, ha messo su un bel blog e le foto mi piacciono. Sai cogliere la luce morbida di Positano...e non รจ cosa facile. A presto Mx

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Phew, at least it left your home safely. Lets hope the little cat found its mother.

That is one big drop down..it would certainly make me feel dizzy!! You certainly go to great lengths to get a photo :-)

Nancy - Girl in Giro said...

oh no! where's its mom?? everytime im in positano i pick up some KiteKat at the alimentari for all the little, frighteningly thin kittens that seem to be around. i can't take it.

Rosa said...

Angelica - sei troppo gentile...

Jason and melissa - You should have heard it :(

Mx - Anche io seguo il tuo per tenermi informata su la gente di Positano.

Anne- The height's scary but exhilarating !

girl in giro - The mum is probably at the back lane behind Pensione Maria Luisa. The kitten went in the wrong direction and didn't come back up my way!

Lucia said...

Beautiful pictures as always!
Poor kitty, I'm sure it will find it's mommy.

Anonymous said...

I adore your pictures! ...your photos take me there...Great ones!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)