Monday, November 03, 2008

You know that you're in Positano at the end of the season if...

  1. With all the talk about the US Elections on at the moment, I thought I'd change the argument entirely :

You know that its the end of season at Positano if...

  1. The sea becomes rough more frequently and reaches right up to the restaurants in Fornillo.

  2. The Mayor issues a by-law which ensures that at least one bar, one restaurant and a few shops remain open by rota in each of the six localities of Positano, to ward off the ghost town effect.

  3. Your favourite Pizzeria warns you that it's closing down at the end of the week, but warmly invites you to come up to their place to eat instead.

  4. The much maligned dock, which has been under construction for some years at considerable expense to the town, gets inundated with the first, not very rough sea, of the season.

  5. Houses built along the mountain become so damp, that if you are absent for any length of time, you are likely to find that the clothes in your wardrobe have sprouted a beard.

  6. The cemetery candles on the tombs for All Souls Day are visible from afar like twinkling stars in the night .

  7. You hear Napolitano (dialect) being spoken more than English.

  8. You easily get a seat on the internal Positano bus and getting back to Positano from Sorrento, is no longer a problem on the Sita bus.

  9. You suddenly find yourself going for walks in the mountain more readily and come back laden with wild rosemary and pine cones for the fire.

  10. You have to tread very carefully as the paths are sometimes worn, have fallen boulders and are missing chunks of steps.

  11. Young children stay indoors playing video games and teens invite themselves over each other's house as there is no where else to go.

  12. There are only a few lonely souls on the beach.

  13. Trails of smoke from grass fires on properties continue to burn even if the council has issued free compost bins for those with gardens.

  14. The pensioners sitting on the wall chatting at Chiesa Nuova at the top of town and at the Grotta bus stop sport a beanie.

  15. At first glance you don't recognize the bagnino (beach hand) from the beach bar because he has clothes on.

  16. You can stop spraying against ants.

  17. The ninety year old lady puts away her bikini and takes up crochet.


Proud Italian Cook said...

Greetings from Chicago! As we await the results of our election tonight, I'd much rather be planning a trip to Positano, even in the winter months!

Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

How funny! The old nonna's hanging up the bikini's...and I like number 15 too. It's true you struggle to recognise people when you have only seen them in a speedo all year long!

Rosa said...

Proud Italian Cook - we could probably do with Obama at Positano...

Leanne- I look at them and think 'I know him from somewhere !'

Anonymous said...

That's all true, SIGH...I am getting ready for the LONG winter indeed.

Saretta said...

Isn't that funny how people can be completely unrecognisable when you've only seen them on the beach and then you run into them with clothes on! LOL!

Rosa said...

dollyna- at least there are sunny intervals in the southern winter.

saretta- It's the same if they have wet hair !

Monika said...

Ha. Love point 17! But good for her for having the confidence to wear it at that age! I hope I'm the same then as I certainly don't like wearing one even at 30!

Anonymous said...

we were in positano in october, at the end of the season, and I just googled to see what it was like in winter time. your post said it all, and made me miss the place even more. Back here in the states, with snow on the ground, I often think of the folks sitting up at Chiesa Nuova and wonder what's going on there. Thanks!

Chef Chuck said...

Hello, I am glad to find your blog! I love Positano, we often visit. You bring fond memories. My family ancestry originated in that area.
Many feelings on the Amalfi Coast!