Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dolce Far Niente in Positano (reproduced from Bellavventura in Positano)

Even boats seem to get into the spirit of things here.

Rocking gently, floating on air, the crystal clear water can give the illusion of levitation when the sea’s transparence couples with the light at certain angles.

The video is a bit wobbly. I hope it doesn’t make you seasick.



I’ve decided to strike back at the hacker who stole my Bell’Avventura blog . It’s not just the blog but you, the faithful readers, the community who have given me confidence tuning in regularly, leaving lovely comments and linking back to my posts.

It’s inspiration too: I  can look at the mundane in Positano and wonder who wouldn’t want to be in my position and experience the simple things like first rays of the morning sun as they scrape the peak of the mountain flooding the gardens with light. The ups and downs are part of  everyday life but never so worthwhile as in the Amalfi Coast.

You may have wondered why I took so long to post. I’m out of touch with setting up a blog from scratch. What the heck, I can’t even get the header to look right! In any case, I have reported the incident to Blogger and I hope to get Bell’Avventura back one day but will set up home here for now.


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