Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Beach that !

Just a few contrasts from our beach in my home country.

Positano. June 2008. One and a half hours drive from Naples.

Fornillo beach at 8 :00 in the morning.

Mornington Peninsula.

Safety Beach, one and a quarter hours drive from Melbourne.

Height of Summer holidays. 9:30 in the morning on the public beach -

Private beaches don't exist.

Looking towards Dromana.
Looking towards Mt. Martha.

Time necessary to walk across Fornillo beach - 10 minutes if you are slow and stumble a lot.

Time necessary to walk along the sand to Dromana Pier (closest obstacle) - an hour at a very quick pace.

Time necessary to walk to Mount Martha in the opposite direction -an hour at a very quick pace.
Safety beach water in the morning.

Fornillo Beach water in the early morning.

Safety beach it stays like that. At Fornillo it doesn't.

Difference in temperature - about 20 degrees. Difference in depth -who knows!

Fornillo beach late afternoon when the public beach goers have packed up due the the shade coming across the beach. You can see the bar in the distance.

Safety Beach. You can see the beach huts in the distance.

Safety beach in the late afternoon.

What you can't see are the flies!


Leanne was in Italy now in Australia said...

Those photos look familiar! My grandparents have a holiday house in Rosebud - my great grandmother too!

Rosa said...

Leanne - You may even be able to see Rosebud in the distance if you squint hard enough..

Annika said...

oh god those pictures of Fornillo totally choked me up... it's like after a major breakup, when you have to let some time pass before you can bear to even think about your ex without starting to cry... to be friends with him isn't even to think about. It's like that for me with Italy now... I'm fine as long as I don't think about it, but to see familiar views like that is more than I can take. I just miss it so much.

Anonymous said...

I know which one I'd choose.

Rosa said...

Annika- You've established a life line between yourself and Amalfi.
It means you'll be back for sure.

Sally- See you in Australia !

Anonymous said...

Yay! Your back! Safety beach, Portsea and Rye, childhood memories. Fornillo, adulthood memories. Both places l treasure:)

Do you miss Melbourne sometimes?

Anonymous said...

BTW, does the beach in Maiori kind of remind you of these Australian beaches? It does for me..

Rosa said...

Cleopantha- Melbourne beaches are wonderful for kids and long walks. I really miss them. When I'm in Melbourne itself, I miss Positano.
I haven't been to the beach in Maiori. Where's your blog gone?

Anonymous said...

Early blog retirement :)

Rosa said...

cleopantha- I hope that you didn't delete it! I need to back track on yours still.