Thursday, October 09, 2008

Love Thursday - Love Cake

Anyone Love Custard filled Cakes?

Sorry it's late...

This cake is an absolute favourite in my house for birthdays. It comes from a well used recipe of my darling late mother, who made this cake her speciality. Today is my son's eighth birthday and he has ordered this cake with the chocolate cream. I have already baked two chocolate cakes for his class to share, he will have another sponge with strawberries and cream for the party on Saturday and then on Monday we have another birthday in the family with another cake...

Make sure that you read right through the recipe before starting!

Torta di Mamma
What you need
One large sponge cake
1 cup of strong black coffee
1/3 of a cup of coffee liqueur
1/3 cup of brandy
1 tablespoon of sugar
1/2 cup cream
cocoa for dusting

What you need for Custard Frosting and Filling:

1/2 cup of cornflour
1/2 cup of custard powder
1/2 cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of Vanilla
1 1/2 cups of cream
2 1/2 cups of milk
30g butter
2 egg yolks, lightly beaten
90g dark chocolate

Frosting and Filling:

Combine cornflour, custard powder, and sugar in saucepan. Gradually add milk, stirring until smooth. Stir in vanilla and cream slowly. Stir continuously over low heat until mixture bubbles and thickens. Add butter and simmer stirring for 3 minutes. Away from the heat mix, in beaten egg yolks. Place in bowl covered with plastic until cool.

Melt roughly chopped chocolate in bain marie. Mix chocolate into half the custard mixture.

Put it together:
Combine cold coffee, liqueur brandy and sugar. cut sponge cake into four layers. Put first layer into serving plate and brush well with coffee liqueur mix.
Spread with half of Vanilla custard. Put a second layer of cake on top and brush with coffee mix but spreading with a third of chocolate custard. Brush coffee mix and alternate the custards until layers have finished. You should have enough chocolate custard to cover the top of the cake, and dust with cocoa powder. Pipe cream around edges.

Alternatively, lick the remaining custard from the bowl and dust with icing sugar!


Anonymous said...

Now that is my kind of cake - sounds fabulous! Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Currently baking in my oven morning glory muffins. Mmmmmh the wonderful aroma in the house...this cake sounds delish!
So does your son go to school here?

Rosa said...

Cathi- enjoy!

dollyna- No, my son doesn't go to school in Positano. Morning glory muffins ? Now that I'd have to try!

Anonymous said...

Morning glory are full of flavour and aroma. This time of the year I love baking to get the house smelling yummy. After a whole summer when the oven is totally banned! I suspected he's not enrolled here...lucky him...

Jennifer said...

I'd love to be on your blogroll. Thanks!

Annika said...

OH!!!! I absolutely MUST try that cake some day! Thank you so much for posting!

Rowena said...

I love custard-filled anything, voracious sweet tooth that I am! Now you can never go wrong when a dessert has the word mamma attached to it. Mamma always knows best!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Sounds great to me, and I really love the photo in your header :)

Rosa said...

Dollyna- i'll look out for a recipe.

Jennifer- you're welcome!

- it's a real Italian dessert cake.

Rowena- It tried and tested by Mamma!

Michelle- Thank you. Changing the header is like rearranging furniture!

Anonymous said...

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