Monday, October 27, 2008

End of season

The clocks have been set back and the season is closing in Positano too.

Late Sunday afternoon, a huge bonfire blazed and crackled on Fornillo beach with the remnants of wood left from the beach restaurants /bars. The wisps of smoke trailed well into the evening.

The warm weather belies the season. My other half still swims every afternoon. His days are spent in the kayak, fishing with his friend or eating the 'frecinette' bananas well ripened from our garden.

Soon the tourists will trickle, the ferries will blow their horn of salute to the village and the rest of the hotels will close for winter.

The town will belong to the locals again.

I'm sure many of you recognize where this photo was taken.


Annika said...

no where, tell us! ;)

Just kidding, of course I know. I could tell by the way my heart skipped a beat upon seeing the picture.

Saretta said...

It's that church...up a little street and it's on the right if you have your back to the sea, right? What's it called?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Do you mean they burn the restaurants/bars, then build them again??

Your other half spends his afternoons in a very relaxing way, what do you do whilst he is doing this?

Is it just the hotels that close, what about restaurants, I mean the locals have to still go out..

'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Isn't that the best time, when the tourist crowds have gone. It must turn back the years to what it would have been like. I love the idea of the huge bonfire on the beach:) amanda

Anonymous said...

Great photo! What a lovely sunny day! I miss the sun so much since I moved from Italy to Scotland! Your blog is beautiful! :) Will be back!

Lucia said...

Although I've never been there, I can guess!
Another season gone, another one begins, cold, wet and is what you make it. That's one thing I love about autumn is the little bonfires and the smell of it wafting through the air. Reminds me of being in Campagnia.

Rosa said...

annika- All it takes is a little picture sometimes... Really nice to see you again!

saretta- Yes, its up a little street on your right with your back to the sea -but in Amalfi!

Anne- They dismantle the wooden platforms (bars) which are set up on the beach and burn odds and ends of wood.
Should have been in Positano now too - hiccup when booking. Didn't bother to check if school holidays coincided :P
Restaurants will start closing down too for the well earned holiday. They open again for Xmas. Then again in March. No much is left open in winter.

Amanda- Definitely the best time is non tourist time.

Kia- thanks for stopping by!

Lucia- Today the wet arrived in Positano too! You'll be able to smell chimney smoke soon.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I think that I'll have reconsider visiting Positano again -- but during this period! Maybe when I'm back and longing for that idyllic beach scene. As long as there are a few restaurants open, I'm good to go!

Now about the gecko....would you believe one actually hopped from a tree an landed on my head one day? I bet he just thought it was a moving rock passing by.

Chef Chuck said...

Yes that church is very recognizable I get chills down my spine when I see that church the feelings are indescribable. My family's crest is in that church. On the first nail head near alter on the left navata, will be the Afflitto crest. This particular
crest I am dying to see.I have seen three others already, from Naples on down to Sicily. We will be visiting in the near future. I thank you so much for sharing that post! Chuck

Rosa said...

Chef Chuck- I asked my husband if he knew any Afflitto's in the area, and he said his father was a good friend of a lawyer in Amalfi of the same name (D'Afflitto)who were well spoken of. I'll try to find out more. Who knows!

Chef Chuck said...

Scintilla, Thanks so much for looking into my past! Your Wonderful!!
Looking forward from hearing from you again. Chuck