Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Foot Forward - Pero`, senza Zoccoli !

Sometimes, when you have nothing to say on a blog, the papers supply you with brilliantly absurd material. For instance, one of the small idiosyncrasies of a well trodden tourist resort is that they have to think of every particularity. In Positano, there is a new by-law applicable in July and August regarding the use of footwear. You are now not allowed to wear noisy sandals of the wooden type, zoccoli, especially in the quiet hours.

Is the flop in flip-flop too heavy?

Define a noisy sandal ? Is it the fall of the heel on the stairs ? Is it the weight it carries that makes it noisy? Is it only the wooden type they are talking about or are any flip flop types worn loosely to be banned?

Try to walk down any stairs without making noise in Positano -unless you are wearing closed rubber shoes, it's almost impossible.

What are they going to do? 'Take your shoes off Signora or I'll have to fine you?'

What about the noise of the mopeds ? Don't they merit a legislation? The traffic noise in paese can be a nightmare to those living in houses along the street, definitely drowning out the sound of zoccoli.

Personally, I like zoccoli. I can hear people approaching in my very quiet area of Positano. I can peek out up the stairs, to see if the arrivals are waylaid tourists or that someone I have been waiting for all morning.

In fact, if they are trespassers or someone wishing to relieve themselves in our garden,
I hereby declare that they are not allowed to put one foot forward into our property without a noisy sole beneath it !

No ball games allowed on the beach either!


Anonymous said...

Is there a Dr Scholls outlet in Positano? If so, maybe you could start a counter revolution?

Lucia said...

i Flippi Floppi, as my mom calls them...I think they're just bored and had to make up some kinda by- law because they couldn't think of the "no ball on the beach" one like you
anything for a buck eh? Have a wonderful your pictures and blog!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your blog. I can't believe this what will l do when l return :)

Rosa said...

Sally - I think people buy them in Sorrento. Positano has the dainty type of sandals -have to stomp harder.

Lucia- Aussie call them thongs!

confessions of cleopantha- I'm glad you stopped to comment. Now I can read yours...

Lucia said...

Can you imagine if the law was no thongs!!!! Some women would be going around without their mutandini (underwear) in