Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fridges and Ferries

The coffee cup clinked on the plate, as our fridge in Luxembourg let out a low wail reminiscent of the ferry sirens at Positano.

'Today is San Vito, ' my fridge reminded me.

'Today is San Vito ' I reminded my husband.

'It's the Patron saint of Positano, isn't it ? I asked him, before I crunched into my flaky croissant.

I check the web cam, and contrary to the past few days, brilliant sunshine and perfect weather lit up the colourful facade of the village. A swarm of tourists were already descending from the ferry and milling around the dock.

I imagined the deep sound the ferry would make as it left the village. The web cam did not make a squeak. The hum of the computer and my children bickering was all I heard.

On feast days in town, each boat leaving Positano signals it's respect by three long and loud sirens. San Vito, San Pietro, the feast at Monte Pertuso and the feast at Ferragosto on the 15th of August are the more important days. I am rarely at Positano for the first two of these feasts as the school holidays don't coincide, but the memory lingers on .

Fireworks lit high in the surrounding mountains arrive at Positano first as a distant flash of light, then as a cannon sound hitting the mountain's side several seconds later. They coincide with the main mass in church and then the procession with the saint' effigy through town.

The town's brass band can be heard in bursts from our house, depending on which side of the mountain it is playing. It starts at the very top and makes it's way down hill on the one way road, stopping occasionally to let the building traffic and buses through.

In the afternoon there will be bancarelle, or stands selling toys and goods straight from China.

'No you can't have a gold fish - it doesn't travel well in a suitcase and we can't bring liquids into the plane.' I explain to my youngest in English.
The tiny tortoises are tempting, but as I foresee them freezing in the Luxembourg winter, I harden my heart.

My son chooses a toy which will probably break before we arrive home and we make our way up the stairs to watch the fireworks, away from the crowds.

It's funny how a fridge can do that.


Anonymous said...

Interesting is how nice could celebrate the different holidays people in the south of Europe, I mean in Italy or Greece. By the way, I love Greece the most and my dream is to live there one day...we will see , we will see.....;)
Greetings from Warsaw;)

Rosa said...

Hope your dream comes true Chiara !

Lucia said...

One of my dreams to be in Positano in August!
Do you know of any B&B's in Pos. My inlaws are going to visit next year in June.
I haven't posted anything to day...too busy scratching the mosquitoe bites!

Lucia said...

I love your pictures, I wish they could bottle that blue!

Rosa said...

Lucia -August is too crowded ! Bite them back.

Mrs. Darling said...

I wish I could be there. This all sounds so wonderful!

Nancy - Girl in Giro said...

How many times I have sat and enjoyed the sunset and the nightime ''illuminazione'' from that ivy-covered balcony in that first foto.... I can't wait to get back!

Rosa said...

mrs. darling - you have your wonderful garden!

girl in giro- We are almost neighbours!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I love feast days! Hooray for San Vito ;)

Rosa said...

Michelle- Any thing is a good excuse for fireworks in Positano !