Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dolphins in Positano

Two dolphins were found at Positano in the past week. So sad that they had to be dead ones.

Positano News, the day before yesterday, published an article on another dolphin found floating in the water in front of the main beach. This one was decapitated. Obviously the work of human hand.

Last week they wrote of a dead dolphin found trapped amongst fishing nets in front of Laurito beach, and there had been reports of a vessel illegally trawler fishing in the protected area of the National Marine Park of Punta Campanella towards Sorrento.

Dolphins, once a common sight, in this area, have become a menaced species. Climatic changes have been blamed, as well as the scarcity of food and chemical dumping in the water. Then these trawlers don't help. When I think of what they deliberately did to those poor dolphins, it is beyond me.

Coming from Australia, I am used to living with and respecting nature. Dolphins, even in those cold waters of the southern seas where I bathe in Melbourne, are part of everyday sightings. Take a motor boat out and you will be likely to have dolphins playing in its wake. Seals populate other areas and yes, whales do get beached occasionally on the shores but I like to hope that there is no human hand in that, other than to save them.

I have heard of dolphins being in the waters around the islands of Li Galli although I have never seen them. A friend told me of a whale he saw around the Germano area, while fishing early one morning a few years ago. But the only mammal life in the sea that I've seen, has been from our house.

Today another dead dolphin was found in the water in front of Arienze in Positano. It's unbelievable ! Obviously someone is out to get them. Positano is part of the protected marine area. I hope they find these awful people very soon.


Anonymous said...

I love The Dolphins! And I can't understand how people could make the awful things to them!
Gosh....:( I really can't believe it...

Rosa said...

Chiara- No one can believe it!

Anonymous said...

I'm also a dolphin lover. I've never seen one round here, but just today 26 of these beautiful creatures were found dead off the coast of Cornwall, UK. So far, it looks as if this was due to the Navy's sonar equipment.

Rosa said...

Casalba- That's terrible! The Positano ones look deliberate.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading about these on the local website. I was so shocked and very saddened by this. I hope they find the culprits soon.

Rosa said...

confessions of cleopantha- if you check the website they have a video of a fishing trawler which they hope will help find the culprits.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I love dolphins. What is happening???? I hope they find out soon. I hope somehting bad happens to those who are harming them. They are such gentle souls.

I swam with dolphins in Key West once. Best experience EVER!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)