Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weird things that happen to us, in our house in Positano

  1. The new hairdryer disappears.

  2. A rat runs under my legs while I'm seated on the terrace.

  3. Mice get into the washing machine and eat the wires.

  4. A bat does wee on my husband while he's sitting outside in the dark.

  5. A hummingbird moth gets his tongue stuck in a jasmine flower.

  6. A heavy glass candle holder that has been sitting on the fireplace mantle piece for years is found on the floor in the morning unscathed.

  7. The television emits a flash of light when it's turned off.

  8. People party on our roof when they think we are not home.

  9. A stranger comes and relieves himself in our garden.

  10. Our garden is used as a stepping stone for those who forget their keys to their house.

Stories will follow another time.

Any strange things happen to you ? Do tell !


Anonymous said...
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'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Strange things happen here all the time! We are at one with the animal/insect and reptile kingdom in this house, seems like most of them were here before us.

I'm loving the view from your terrace.

Ciao Amanda

Anonymous said...

I've never thought about a bat peeing before! I hope you will fill us in on all these strange happenings.

(By the way. You asked me if that was my garden - Wow! Is that really your view???)

Rosa said...

Love to hear your stories too Amanda !

Sally(?)- yes, it's our view.
You can't really not have a nice view in Positano !

Piccola said...

I'm traumatized by the rat running between your legs!! Ewww!!! There is nothing I hate more than rodents and roaches. While on a trip to Mexico, a flying cockroach landed and my shoulder and I just about fainted. Considering your view, I guess sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great! More pictures please. How lucky for you to own a house in Positano with such a great view! Love the pictures of the sea.....

Rosa said...

piccola - I have roach stories from Positano too (not from our house), but not on my shoulder !!!!

diane- You make me blush...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for those weird things which are happening, but...what a nice blog you have!!
I think I'll add you in my blogroll and I'll surely visit you again :)
I live in province of Bologna, but will move soon to low Piedmont. I've been to Positano some summers ago and I totally loved it.
Let's keep in touch, ciao!


Rosa said...

Desi - Thanks for visiting !
These thing have happened over many years. If it were all at once I'd be out of there in a hurry!
I'll check out your blog too !

Lucia said...

Several things over the years.
When we moved in my daughter was 2 and talked to Connie (an invisible friend). We cut down the tree in our yard a big one and Connie no longer existed, Marina said she went away but another time I heard footsteps walk into my bedroom and I told Marina "go back to bed!"
I didn't hear the footsteps leave, so I went to check on her and she was sound asleep in her bed. I got chills and ran and got back under the covers...right to my eyebrows! So those are the only weird things. Oh and the neighbours daughter slept over and said our house makes strange noises. BTW, we do have a forest behind our house...could be just creatures of the night!

Rosa said...

Lucia- wow, it's goose bumps in your place !

Anonymous said...

I have long understood that Italian men must pee wherever they happen to be. When I come back from long driving trips I am often moved to say, "Why do all those men stop and pee by the side of the road?" My neighbors actually try to explain it. I have seen one of my neighbors pee against the side of his garage just 12 feet from his own bathroom.

An Italian friend of a friend was arrested and fined for peeing in an alley in Manhattan. He still hasn't gotten over it. They expected him to go into a bar and use the toilet! Managgia!

Rosa said...

That's too funny Judith :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, a rat on the terrace and the bat would have sent me screaming for days! When l lived there nothing really weird happened at our apartment.
Although, l do remember seeing a frog on our way back home one night (near pupetto) which l thought was unusual.
You have an amazing view :)
I read on an expats blog a bucket of water works wonders on people who feel compelled to pee on your property.

Rosa said...

Must keep a bucket by the door !

Anonymous said...

Oh no.....

The rat nd bat made my skin crawl :)

Funny, Positano is always beautiful to visit, but just like anywhere else... it IS different when you live there :)

Anonymous said...

Nell said
Just came across your blog its funny and informative with great photo's too.
I'll be back to view more often.