Thursday, June 19, 2008

Love Thursday - Love Reading

Look carefully - there's a heart shaped pebble from Fornillo Beach !

I LOVE reading. There is nothing more comforting than a good book to get lost in.

See these books ? I picked them up at the second-hand book stand at the European School Fair on Saturday, here in Luxembourg.

More importantly, do you know what they mean to me? Holidays !

My book shelves at Positano are bursting with light (trashy) beach reading that I pick up at the stands for 1 euro per book. It doesn't matter if they get thrown in the beach bag with the wet towels, have suntan cream squished on them, or have stracciatella gelati drips on one side.
They are there to soak in the sun and atmosphere with me under the umbrella.

As soon as I buy them I'm on a high because the summer is not far away.
They are also useful if you want to avoid talking to the person next to you!

(sorry for the late posting- my camera wouldn't work)


Anonymous said...

I just COULD'T miss this post;)) as I love reading, too. I am books addict to be honest;) I even write on my blog about the books in the branch "ksiazkowo"...Greetings from Warsaw;)

Rosa said...

Wish i could read yours Chiara :-(

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I only just found this post. I have read three of those books, very light reading , just as I like them,especially if on holiday. Why would you want anything heavy.!!!